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Book of Chemistry Guided Inquiry Lessons

Three purchase options:

The 3rd Edition is Here!

Package B&C includes tests and free labs!!! You can edit and customize them for your students.

Almost 400 ready-to-copy pages
lessons covering an entire year of high school chemistry. All easy to edit and customize for your students. Plus complete answer keys. (To see the new table of contents, click here.)

An incredible time-saver!

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Buy Package A: Chemistry Guided Inquiry Assignments

  • You will receive a password to instantly access all materials. Any assignments can be downloaded at your convenience.
  • 13 organized units--almost 400 ready to print pages. Or you can edit/customize them and then save and/or print them.
  • Each of the 13 units comes complete with Learning Targets (aka "objectives") and success criteria.
  • 65 ChemQuests and 65 Skill Practice lessons, along with review sheets, and extra practice sheets in Microsoft Word AND Adobe PDF format. Organized into the 13 core units.
  • You can easily edit and customize the lessons using Microsoft Word.
  • You can print as many copies as you need. Use them over and over again.
  • Complete answer keys included.
  • You'll need to add your own tests and labs
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Buy Package B: All of "Package A" plus tests, labs, and advanced topics

  • Package B includes everything in Package A, plus the following...
    • 13 Tests (and answer keys)--one for each of the 13 units. Tests contain mostly multiple choice questions with a few short answer questions.
    • Enrichment ChemQuests: 29 Additional ChemQuests covering many AP topics including photoelectron spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, weak acids, buffers, equilibrium concepts such as Ksp, Qc, and much more.
    • Labs!** After many requests, I'm giving away my labs as a free bonus when you purchase Package B or C.
  • Complete answer keys included.
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Buy Package C: Video instruction!

  • Everything in Package B, plus Video instruction for each assignment.
    • Videos are perfect for students who have missed class or who are needing extra review.
    • Videos enable you to "flip" your classroom when you want to.
    • Students can learn at home easily. Just distribute the video links to your students!
    • Perfect for distance or remote learning.
    • See the sample unit for examples of the videos.
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**Please note: The labs I'm including are the ones I use in my classes. They are not for sale, but are included free with Package B or C.

To view the table of contents, click here. To view sample lessons, click here.